"Do everything with your 
and let Love
 Lead  the way".


This is: 

11 years old and living her dream one day at a time through love. At 6 years old Franiya began taking professional piano lessons, and then on to learning to play guitar.  She started dancing at the age of 3, She wrote her first book "Love Your Art" at 7 years old and then an inspirational A-z book when she was 8 years old, Then began reading them to the youth and adults at the schools in her community, to help inspire others, and remind them that, they're never too young to stand up and use their voice for good. Since, Franiya has created her own talent show "Love Your Art and Shine" which gives kids that normally don't get the opportunity, an outlet to shine and share their talents, as well as encourage them to give back and become active in their communities as well. She's always thinking of ways to help with the world and within her community.


    In 2019 Franiya was selected by the company KIDBOX, as one of their 2019 kid board of directors; which now gives her the chance to help her community and those in need, in even bigger ways. She's an A honor roll student, whose been recognized by; the Floyd Maywheather  Jr Foundation,  and  recently by Nick Cannon as a power player, For International day of the girl 2019 she was highlighted as a Groundbreaker on the Today Show as one of the 18 girls under 18 changing the world. She's a member of American For The Arts, as well as theYoung Artist Academy. She was also recently part of an HP project that you can check out below as well as.  

       Franiya's goal is to continue to set the bar for herself and others to reach high for all the goals they have in life . Currently Franiya is working to launch her non-profit Love Your Art Project Inc, which will empower others through the arts, and education & teach them to dream bigger all while helping the generations in need. Helping others and giving back has always been something that she would naturally do as early as 4 years old, and it has never left her heart. Franiya believes that no matter what career path you take that we all can find ways to uplift those in need. Franiya spends her free time enjoying life as a kid, She hopes to one day be able to create her own movies and star in them, and keep creating opportunities to uplift her community in even bigger ways.

"I love Dancing, Acting

Writing, drawing, inspiring


being     Innovative" 


"Love what you do, 

 shine with all you do, 

and have a little FUN"

                         Franiya Tiffany

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